fly for japan

Cappadocia balloons, Japan after the earthquake and tsunami in order to share in the sorrows flew. And tourism center of attention with fairy chimneys in Cappadocia balloon tours, Goreme Nevsehir in central Anatolian town operates under the Balloons’a Uluer Aviation Company of all the tourists boarded the Japanese and Turkish flags, handed out balloons. Balloons departure, pilots preparing the Japanese National Anthem çalındı.Image radios, English, Japanese and Turkish, as a”forward your wishes to get past all the Japanese customers, pain, our pain”was made announcements. Ventilated in a balloon, 25 meters long, on the English, Japanese and Turkish,”Your pain, our pain”written a giant banner in the skies opened and a tour of Cappadocia. Group General Manager Uluer Uluer Mahmoud, told reporters after the tour, tourism in Cappadocia”to get past all the Japanese were”wish. Mahmoud Uluer, honorable human being”the world and the course of friendly and brotherly love of the homeland of Japan, the pain we feel in our hearts. This is a great tragedy that those who lost their lives to Allah’s mercy, we wish the injured speedy recovery,”he said. As far as the Turkish-Japanese friendship would continue after this further emphasizes pekişerek Uluer,”is a good day, even more, until the end of the Japanese people with dignity and that we are a strong addition to Japan,”said the report. Balloon pilot Eray Bora, the earthquake and tsunami victims share pain of Japanese expressed their”pain,”he said our our pain. Japanese tourists in the balloon ride,”We’re sorry, but the Japanese flags and meet us in Cappadocia, and balloons at work to support us forget their pain, even if he spoke to us,”delighted. Japanese tourists,”expressions used in Turkish,”We love Turkey very much. Balloons in the region, about 2 hours a day, Turkish and Japanese flags, get past”messages”that the Japanese in the hands of tourists, Turkish and Japanese flags, posters and made the rounds. Image before and after balloon tours in the hands of European tourists posed for a souvenir photo with the Japanese and Turkish flags.


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